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Duty Roster Maker - $10.00 

Software Description

Low cost, easy to learn program to generate duty rosters according to AR 220-45.   Setup any qualifications you need to distinguish duties and personnel.  Input the names of duties and organizations in the duty form, and then add personnel in the roster form.  For each duty and Soldier click the qualifications describing the requirements.  Next select each duty in the grid at the top of the duty form and click the  calendar for the each date it occurs.   Only select the days you want on the next roster.    Choose File|Setup and the Holiday tab to input any holiday dates, these are counted differently along with weekends and show up highlighted with red lines on the roster when choosing the consolidated roster option.  On the roster form indicate excused absence dates for personnel. Version adds the option to choose whether to add points for excused Soldiers if they would have been assigned duty during the excused absence period. After completing these tasks select "File|Make New Data File" and all of the rosters are created for the dates you indicated the duty occurs on.   To view and print the data file select "Open/Print Rosters" and select the data file name you created.   All data before today is deleted when the program starts.   Past holidays, duties, and absences are automatically removed.                                                                                              

Update the counters by editing the Count menu item, so what was planned matches what happened, after execution.   It is possible to take a point away from a Soldier who does not show up, easily view who should have the duty next, and add points later should you continue the roster manually.  If you need the next Soldier for the duty, you can give them the extra point to give credit for the duty performance.   When the data is sorted, the order becomes obvious.  Everytime a duty is assigned it is added to the Assignment List with beginning and ending dates and Soldier is given a "D" instead of any other duty.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95 or NT 3.51 or later (32-bit) version requires at least a 90 mhz CPU with 24 Mb RAM for Windows 95, or 32 Mb for Windows NT, and a VGA 640x480 or higher resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows.

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