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OML Point Manager - $7.50 

Software Description
NCOES Order of Merit List (OML) point management and database. Simplifies the task of maintaining unit OML information. Determines time in service and time in grade and automatically assigns points. Select options for APFT and Weapons Qualification, easily input evaluation scores, and checkboxes add points for awards. Speeds the process of calculating total points, making order of merit list, and ranking Soldiers for NCOES school attendance.


  Easy grid data navigation and editing
  Exportible reporting in a variety of formats
  SGT and 1SG point ratings
  Allows unlimited number of records
  Calculates total points with date
  "Old School" philosophy

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95 or NT 3.51 or later (32-bit) version requires at least a 90 mhz CPU with 24 Mb RAM for Windows 95, or 32 Mb for Windows NT, and a VGA 640x480 or higher resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows.

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